This stray kitten has settled in the store for a few months. Suddenly some money appeared

One day, store employees noticed a cute kitten on the street and decided to shelter him, taking him home.

A cute kitten lived in this area.

So, they decided to bring him directly to the store, where he could sleep at night at least on a comfortable bed.

Soon the cute kitten began to live there.

And only after a couple of months, dollars began to be found under the door.

One morning, the first bill was found near the entrance by a manager named Stuart McDaniel.

He assumed that one of the visitors left him here and soon forgot about the suitcase.

However, just a few days later, the same incident happened again.

In the morning, in their great surprise, there were again some money inside.

That time, the employees believed that their adopted kitten brought the money there.

The cute cat loved to play in front of the front door and lay there when the doors were closed.

So, the staff decided to test their “hardworking” kitty to discover whether the pet was the reason or not?

As the cameras showed, the mischievous and cunning cat immediately slipped a bill inside the door.

It turned out that passers-by played with him at night and gave him money as support.

So, McDaniel already knew that their friend was «earning» his money.

After this funny story, the staff decided to donate money to the city’s homeless community on behalf of their shop cat.

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