Tired of paying rent, a college student builds a cozy little house for $15k to live financially stable

Bradley House is not only impressive but also a great way to save a lot of money.

In addition to paying for housing, there are other expenses.Don’t forget about food, clothing, school needs and more.

Our hero is Bradley. He is a student from Jacksonville, Florida.Bradley had a wonderful idea to build a little house on wheels. So this young man did just that and built himself an amazing little house on wheels.

The size of the Bradley house is about 8.3 x 2.5 m.

The outside is covered with longevous vinyl. The goal was to build a house that looked like a beach bungalow in Florida.

Bradley sits outside and enjoys the magnificent views surrounding his house.

With its wheel-home and the ability to save a lot of money, he learned the ethical principles of building a home.

Bradley built his kitchen on the larger side. The kitchen has a large sink for washing dishes, an 8-foot-long counter on which he can prepare meals.Of course, he has a comfortable sofa in the house , a small bathroom full sized shower.

Head to the back of the house and you’ll find a workspace that Bradley uses to study.He’s a college student, after all and also needs to take a break from time to time.

This amazing building cost $15,000. His family thought he was joking when he came home and said he was building one.He saved on a year’s rent with this handmade house. It is also an investment for home expansion.

Take a tour of the Bradley home and learn more about it in the video below!

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