To save his owners life the left dog cought the five kolometres string

That the dogs are frankly and honest everyone can be shure.

They are always with their owners and will never let them in bad situation.This is a story which tells that dogs are the most real friends and they never betray.The dog and his owner went to the river for fishing.It was a very sunny day when the snow started melt and the water of the river melted too.

But in the evening everything changed and they could not go anywhere.He kept the dog in his coat in order not to catch a cold.But the dog was rather big and his legs were frozen.

They two stayed there and could not go anywhere their bodies were frozen but the dog wanted to help the man.They were so long fron their village that could do nothing.The dog drugged the man five kilometres and barked in order to call an aid.And it was so.He barked  and people from the village heard and called for the first aid.

They took the frozen man to the hospital and took care of him.It is very good that a person can have such kind of friend .


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