Twin brothers married twin sisters and gave birth to twins too

In the town of Twinsburg, Ohio, every year it is common to hold unusual and strange fests.

All identical twins of the city were invited to the festival.

This tradition began in 1976 and continues to this day.

One day in 1998, the Sanders brothers named Craig and Mark also came to the event.

Among them were 36 other twin siblings who came to enjoy their day communicating with others.

However, it was a surprise, as the festival would make two families at once.

That event was also crucial for the Nettmaye sisters, named Darlene and Diana.

hese people immediately noticed each other and got to know each other during the festival.

As the brothers later admitted, when Mark noticed Darlene and fell in love with her at first sight, it turned out that during this time Craig liked Diana.

So, from that day the couples started communicating and also meeting each other.

A couple of months later, they decided to get married on the same day.

Especially the parents of the couple were very happy at the wedding as they saw that their two children would get married at the same time.

The most beautiful moment was when they gave birth to twins, twins, and twins.

In 2001 Craig and Diana became the happiest parents of identical twins Brandy and Candy.

Mark and Darline also later gave birth to twins.

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