Unfriendly and the saddest dog is not recommended for adoption – couple drives 6 hours to take him home

This dog was found wandering the streets in LA. Benji was an ordinary pup. Yet, his sadness and unwelcome attitude was the reason no one would adopt him.

Gladly, he was taken to a shelter where the little dog was provided with food and a place to sleep.

What was surprising for the shelter staff was that the pup didn’t want to make a friend with anyone. He was the unfriendliest dog ever!

The shelter employees took a photo of Benji for adoption. No one reacted to his sad face except for one couple that immediately connected the shelter.

Jessica Williams and her boyfriend were told not to try adopting Benji because he wouldn’t ever give them cuddles like most of the dogs do.

This made the couple want to adopt the doggie even more! They drove 6 hours from Sacramento to LA in order to adopt Benji.

They knew that the dog would be euthanized if they would stay indifferent to Benji.

At first, the dog was really unfriendly. He was unsure about the new people. but after arriving at their house, he realized that those people love him.

Now the little pup isn’t the saddest but the happiest dog ever!

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