Unwanted animals doomed and humiliated: humans have their great share of sin

Looking into the eyes of these animals, you can see all their resentment towards the whole world. They have nowhere to keep warm and have nothing to eat. They are doomed to live without an owner.

Here again, we speak about human betrayal. Having played enough with them, people throw them away as unnecessary things.

They lead a wandering life, are constantly in search of food. In the future, they will turn into dogs that are angry with people for their existence.

This helpless puppy and kitten were found on the street. They still respond to their nicknames. The pets hope that they will return to their home where it was always warm and a full bowl. But unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

They constantly stole food and were severely punished. The puppy was so angry with people, that he was ready to bite at least anyone in order to make his life a little easier.

Therefore, people should understand that the number of stray dogs depends on them. If you aren’t ready to take care of them to the end, then you don’t need to adopt them. After all, they, like you and me, are living beings who always need love and affection.

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