Village cat brings injured swan chick to pensioners to rescue

In a small village house lived a husband and wife who had long been retired. The cat Paramon lived with them, he has been with people for 10 years now. The owners of the soul doted on the cat, Paramon answered them with the same sincere love. Together with the owner, the cat often went to the nearby lake to go fishing.

That day, Paramon was clearly not in the mood, the owners even thought that the cat was sick. Despite everything, Paramon was not one of those who sit at home, so he soon slipped out of the yard to take a walk. A few hours later, the cat had not returned, and the old woman went around the neighborhood, hoping to find him. On that day, it was not possible to find the cat, the owners searched for him for several more days, but without result. People thought the older cat had left home to die.

A few more days passed, in the middle of the night the husband and wife woke up from a familiar meow. Opening the door, they saw Paramon on the threshold, and next to him was a chick with a broken wing.

The bird was shown to a healer, who recognized it as a swan and made an ointment for treatment. So the bird settled in a village house, in a box reserved for him. The cat looked after his new friend, often he climbed into the box and warmed his friend with his fur.

By spring, the fracture healed, and the swan grew and gained strength, so an elderly couple took it to the lake. During the winter, the man built a house for the bird, which he installed on the lake.

After a while, the bird came to the threshold of a village house, but this time the swan was not alone, but with his beloved. The bird built a nest on the lake, and then they saw the chicks there, which swam on the water following their parents.

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