Welcome home Mongo: the horse returns to his owner after eight long years of living with Mustangs in Utah Desert

This incredible story will impress you, because it’s about a domestic horse, who has lived in the wild for eight years.

Though, he has stayed with Mustangs herd more than 8 years, he never changed his habits and behavior.

That’s what his owner, Adams, is amazed much!

He says, “the horse acts like nothing has happened”.

One day, Adams was camping in Utah’s Desert with his horsey, named Mongo, when he found his pet missing.

He was sure, that Mongo was tied up to his tent, but after a herd of wild horses rushed by,

his Mongo disappeared.

Unfortunately, Adams lost his horsey, and came back home without him.

He didn’t lose his hope and about 3 years went to the desert in search of his friend.

But time went on, and he had to lose his last hope to see him one day again.

However, a miracle happened, and the Bureau of Land Management, to whom Adams had called for help, found the horse in September 2022.

The workers spotted the wild horses and realizes, that one of them was differed from them a lot.

It looked more like a domestic horse.

After examining him carefully, they understand it was the Adam’s horsey, described many years ago.

So, after 8 years the horse came back home!

Now, he is 16, and actually underweight and tired, but as Adams claims, “he is the same creature”.

“8 years of living in the wild he behaves himself like nothing ever happened”.

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