The black Labrador ran to all cars and all drivers in that way he wanted them to help the poor dog and his mom

The dog was barking and jumping to all drivers in order to ask for help for the poor dog and his  puppy .

That day Stephan was goind to the village to see his family.He did not pay attention to the fact that he was in a hurry he stoped the car to see what the dog wanted.He knew that this dogs are very shy and it would not  act in that way there  was no need.

Stefane wanted to help the dog how he could.The dog didnt do anything he was only jumping and looking the  man in order to show the way.At the end of the way the man saw the dog and his four puppies.A pity two of them were  not alive  and Stefan took the dog with his two puppies put them in his car in the back but labrador sat near Stefan and they went.They at first went to the pets doctor .

The dogs life coulld not being saved but the two puppies were healthy.He bought food for dogs and with them went to the village.He always wished to have such kind of dog and was very happy.He gave the labrador name Heroe and loved him very much .In a very short time stepan and Heroe became friends.

They give the two puppies to their neighbours and now they live very happy and safety and Heroe lives in the city in a big flat of Stepan .

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