Will someone who poured a bowl of water for an old sick dog be kind to a human?

In old age, the most valuable thing is to have someone dear to you by your side. Dogs age faster, and those who abandon them in their elderly years will not find compassion and support from a true human being.

Tragic events always reveal the true essence of a person. It is in these moments that their base sides and hidden desires are revealed. It may seem that people who have experienced fear and despair themselves would not leave their friend in trouble. But in practice, a sick and weak dog finds no understanding or mercy from such a «person» and is punished by them.

In old age, the most valuable thing is to have someone who cares about you by your side. Dogs age faster, and those who abandon aging dogs to their fate will not extend a helping hand to them or their old owner. This dog no longer hopes to find warmth and care; it simply accepts everything as it is.

This is what happened to Ryzhik. He ended up homeless in the city of Luhansk. It happens sometimes. He became a stray and found company with other stray dogs near a gas station.

A volunteer would bring them water and food, and a kind gas station worker helped look after them. But when the volunteer left, the new management decided that these dogs were only spoiling the appearance, and they should not be fed here. After all, people have their own difficulties, and no one needs dogs.

They started throwing away the food and pouring water into the ditch. Ryzhik’s friends found themselves a better place. But for him, a sick and old dog, there was nowhere to go. There was still a small glimmer of hope in his eyes—what if?

And that day came, and Ryzhik came to us!

He is silent, but his eyes speak. He approaches a person, stops a little to the side, and looks. It’s as if he’s asking for permission to be close and be friends.

He doesn’t need to answer. Just looking into each other’s eyes, and you already understand each other.

Ryzhik appreciates any attention with gratitude and joy. He savors every moment when he is being petted and never wants to let go of your hand.

And when you’re about to leave, he gently and politely touches you with his paw, as if saying, «Don’t go, let’s spend a little more time together!» Because you have already become his friend.

Ryzhik’s health leaves much to be desired, and that cannot be fixed. But now he has a warm home, many friends, a full bowl of food, and peace. He no longer feels lonely and abandoned because there are people who care for him and offer him love and support.

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