Woman rescued an orphaned deer, and her German Shepherd took care of him

We all know that the German Shepherd is a devoted, determined watchdog that is ready to sacrifice itself for the sake of its owner.

At first glance, Sarge is exactly like that, but because of his owner’s habit of saving animals, he has become a very soft and sensual dog. He shows concern for those in need.

Cheryl and her dog Sarge live on a small “farm” in Ohio where they raise animals, not for food. The woman recalls that as a little girl she often brought home injured animals. Now she has two sons and she, too, was able to instill in them a love of nature.

“We brought Sarge home nine years ago. He is the only purebred dog we have ever had. The rest are mixed breeds or “mutts”, which I consider being the best dogs!” Sheryl says.

“Most of them were abandoned or someone just gave them to us because they couldn’t keep them anymore. They’re all great and they all get along.”

Shepherd was not always so kind and gentle.

“Sarge was a vicious pup and loved to bite his feet and stalk his kids’ friends around the house playing ‘Police Dog’.” But his character changed dramatically six years ago when the woman brought home a wounded deer. He became a real guard and nanny for the baby.

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