Вова rescued a puppy, not hesitating to brave the cold and dirty water in the pit. Now he has a new friend.

On that day in Odessa, there was a strong downpour and gusty wind that swept everything around. It was precisely this weather that caused a small puppy to be washed into a pit overgrown with reeds.

The poor little one likely wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for a young man passing by who couldn’t remain indifferent. He saved the puppy and thus found a new friend.

We want to tell you about the brave and compassionate young man who risked himself to save another life.

Vladimir heard a pitiful whimper that could only belong to a puppy. He saw the little one in the muddy water and rushed to its rescue.

After he pulled the puppy onto dry land, he called a friend and asked to search the internet for assistance in rescuing a drowning dog.

But thankfully, it wasn’t needed as the puppy had simply swallowed some water.

Later, it was discovered that Vladimir’s father works as a rescuer in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Vladimir himself loves animals very much. He already has four cats, four dogs, and three rodents at home.

Vladimir Maksimov was rewarded for his courage and compassion towards the animal. However, the young man claims that it’s not the most important thing for him; what matters is that he found a new friend. He named the puppy Lucky, and now Lucky has a new home.

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