A 12-year-old youngster went viral after his mom reported that her baby boy’s father was a chimpanzee

Two years ago, an Angolan woman confessed that her 12-year-old boy named Augusto Dembo had half gens of an ordinary chimpanzee.

She claimed that for a very long time she had a romantic relationship with the male monkey.

And, as the Gazeta Nacional reports on one of the dates, she got expected the boy.

However, this story was supposed not to be true by the scientists.

They disputed the rightness of the boy’s DNA, though the story had become a sensation.

They couldn’t believe how a person could be born after such an affair.

One of the local doctors claimed that such love relationships between a human and a chimpanzee were common thing in those areas.

However, he said that it was the first birth if the woman was right.

Augusto was called the “Angolan miraculous kid”.

The name gave the president of Angola praising him as a “National treasure”.

From that time many questions began to arise not only in ordinary human beings but also scientists and experts.

It became an essential point to be discovered.

The mom of the boy, Anita Dembo as claimed many times, fell in love with the male chimpanzee when she worked at the Parc national de Cameria.

There, she had worked as a security officer since 1998.

Though it’s hard to believe such a story, it still is considered to be true and possible.

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