The cat’s elegant shot became a masterpiece of wedding photography

Just a few days ago, a couple of Nick Donatelli and Diana Gonzalez from America got married. And during the touching moment of uttering the truth, the guests heard a solemn meow. Everyone was at a loss where it came from until it was time to put on the rings.

It turned out that this important task was entrusted to the charming cat Los. The cat approached his duties with all responsibility.

Accompanying the cat was his owner and Diana’s half-brother, Richard Scott Larson. After the end of the celebration, Richard posted a picture of the cat on Twitter.

This photo of an important cat became so popular that in just a couple of hours it spread throughout the network and gained almost a million likes.

The reviews were the most enthusiastic. Netizens said that the cat looks very aristocratic, as if she is truly blue-blooded and goes around her property every morning.

Another girl said that she intends to play the wedding again and this time invite only animals.

The groom wrote in the comments that the idea to entrust the cat to bring the rings came to his mind a few months ago. A special stroller was prepared for him so that the cat would get used to this vehicle, play there and be very reserved during the wedding ceremony itself.

The photo shows that he coped with his duties with a bang, but then his sister Lucy began to play pranks and she had to be taken aside.

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