The dog came to bid farewell to its dying owner and couldn’t take its eyes off him.

In one of the American hospitals, a young man was brought in, diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. His condition was critical.

At some point, the doctors realized that further treatment wouldn’t yield results, and hope for the recovery of the 33-year-old man was minimal. The tragic news about his condition was conveyed to his family.

The young man’s relatives, overwhelmed with grief and knowing that time was running out, made a final request to the hospital staff.

Their request was to allow Molly, the most devoted friend of the dying man, to say goodbye to her owner in his hospital room.

The medical staff disregarded the rules and protocols of the institution and granted permission for Molly to see her owner one last time and bid him farewell forever.

The dying man’s sister, Michelle, brought the dog into the room. All present couldn’t hold back their tears, as the moment of farewell was so touching.

Molly sensed and understood that this was their last meeting and never took her eyes off her owner, as if trying to etch his image into her memory forever.

The family, aware of the deep bond between the owner and the dog, realized that they could never part with Molly. Even though their beloved owner was no longer there, she would always be surrounded by love and care, as she had always been, is, and will be a cherished member of their family.

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