The dog constantly stared at the wall and refused to eat; he had been through a lot in his life.

The young dog named Angel ended up with caring volunteers after being rescued from a cruel breeder’s conditions. The breeder showed indifference towards his animals, failing to provide them with proper care and causing them suffering.

Angel was one of the many puppies he bred for sale, and she had both physical and psychological issues.

When Angel arrived at the shelter, she had lost her trust in humans and showed no interest in socializing. She would hide in a corner, stare at the wall, and refuse to eat in the presence of people. The volunteers spent several days trying to establish a connection with her before deciding to try a different approach.

The shelter staff reached out to the breeder of Angel and bought another dog of the same breed and age, named Cliff. This dog became the first one that Angel accepted to be close to. The meeting of the two presumed relatives turned out to be a turning point in Angel’s life, as she had been suffering from psychological trauma.

In just a few months, Angel underwent incredible changes. Regular interactions with Cliff helped her overcome the stressful state. Her health noticeably improved, and her trust in people gradually returned. She stopped hiding in corners and began showing joy and playfulness.

After the veterinarian confirmed that Angel was completely healthy, she found a home with a loving family. The new owners were aware of the difficulties Angel had faced and decided that she should continue to have contact with Cliff. The families maintain their friendly relationship.

Angel and Cliff continue to enjoy each other’s company and never break their bond. They spend time together, play, run, and support each other. This unique bond between Angel and Cliff has become an essential part of their lives and their new families.

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