The dog fell into a deep well with icy water: it had no strength left to call for help.

When one runs out of their own resources for self-rescue, the only way out is to believe that someone will come to help. This story about a dog that found itself in a deep well confirms that.

The high stone walls of the well and the icy water made the chances of self-rescue minimal. Fortunately, a local resident passing by noticed strange sounds coming from the well and decided to check what was happening. Meanwhile, the dog, having lost hope, was simply resting against the wall.

Realizing the danger of the situation, the man immediately contacted rescuers, knowing that the dog could drown. It was particularly ironic because this dog had saved people from the water in different circumstances.

When the rescuers arrived at the scene, they found the dog in the same position, firmly holding onto a ledge. Understanding that the depth and structure of the well would make reaching her a challenge, they used specialized tools for the rescue.

The appearance of people at the edge of the well almost instantly transformed the dog. Her face suddenly brightened, and despite her fatigue, she began to try to climb out when a rescuer descended to her on a special mesh. The dog literally jumped into his arms, and together they started ascending to the surface.

After a successful rescue, the dog was examined. She was tired, cold, and had minor cuts on her paws from sharp rocks, but overall, she was healthy. Fed and warmed up, she quickly recovered and now lives with the man who first noticed her distressing situation.

Now, the dog will undoubtedly steer clear of that well, and it’s worth considering whether it’s time to secure such places with protective grates. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.

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