The elephant was digging a hole for over 10 hours, trying to unearth something, and afterwards asked people for help.

In the morning, the residents of a city in India went outside and saw a female elephant vigorously digging the ground.

People didn’t interfere with the animal’s actions and simply became observers. After 10 hours, the elephant, clearly tired, lifted its head and looked at the people — its silent gaze was asking for help.

Approaching the pit, people discovered that it was an old, dried-up well. Over time, its walls had collapsed, but the remaining hole in the ground was quite deep.

Under unknown circumstances, a small elephant had fallen into the well, and it was the female elephant that was trying to pull it out. Quickly realizing the situation, the residents decided to dig away the earth from one side of the well to create a path upwards. People with shovels promptly arrived and began to work.

After 40 minutes, the wall was dismantled, and a slope was formed in the well. People stepped aside to give the female elephant the opportunity to approach the well and help the baby elephant.

With a gentle movement of its trunk, she nudged the baby elephant, which immediately climbed up the slope created by the people.

Within a minute, the baby elephant was already standing on solid ground, while the people around joyfully applauded the successful outcome of the situation.

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