«They abandoned the kitten due to problems with its paws: what a fighter this little one turned out to be.»

The incredible fate of the kitten named Leva could have turned into a tragedy if it weren’t for the caring people who came to his rescue. A couple, returning home after a long day of work, heard a piercing meow and discovered a small ginger kitten near the trash bins. He was just a few weeks old and was helplessly crawling around.

The new owners decided without hesitation to take the kitten home with them. At first, they had to feed Leva with a syringe without a needle and assist him with his natural needs through massage.

Soon, the family noticed that the kitten had a peculiarity — his fingers were deformed. They assumed that he might have been abandoned because of the fear that he would become disabled and unable to walk.

They decided to show Leva to a veterinarian, who reassured the rescuers and assured them that his condition was congenital and didn’t cause any discomfort.

Within a few months, everyone could see it for themselves — Leva became active; he runs, jumps, and even «hunts» his owners. The kitten quickly learned to use the litter box and scratching post, and he was well-behaved. Leva grew fond of his owners and always eagerly awaits them at the door to receive his share of affection and sit on their laps.

What a wonderful cat Leva is, isn’t he? His special paws don’t hinder him from enjoying a happy life. Every creature deserves the right to happiness, regardless of its physical peculiarities. We are responsible for those we have tamed, and Leva is a shining example of how love and care can transform the life of even the most vulnerable being.

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