Dog Turbo found abandoned kittens and now he doesn’t leave them alone for a minute

Three weeks ago Victoria went out to walk her dog, Turbo before work. It was a cool rainy morning and as soon as she left the house; the woman heard a thin squeak.

Having searched a little, she came across a small red kitten lying on the path. She scooped him up in her arms, but then the dog Turbo broke off and ran to a pile of old leaves in the corner of the yard. There were two more kittens.

The kittens were wet and very cold. The cat was nowhere. Victoria took a day off from work and went with the kittens to the veterinary clinic.

After the examination, Victoria brought the kittens to her home and arranged a warm soft bed for them. There were three kittens, all of the same light red color with white spots.

Dog Turbo immediately began to spin around the kittens, wanting to also take part in their nursing.The kittens were already quite active and with open eyes.

Turbo now hangs around these kittens all the time, and they quickly love him back, playing with and sleeping next to the dog.

Victoria is not very surprised by this. She said that Turbo is a therapy dog. Turbo is very affectionate and gentle with both people and kittens.The dog always behaves very calmly so as not to frighten nervous people, and the same pattern of behavior applies to kittens.

The kittens are growing up quickly and Victoria is already looking for permanent owners for them.

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