Dog found abandoned kittens in the forest and became their mother: animals are kinder than people

A dog named Banner has a heart of gold and a gentle character. She is not only a reliable assistant to her owner who has health problems, but also rescues animals …

Husky Banner is already 3 years old, she lives with Whitney. The owner trained the dog not only to help, but also learn other helpful other things.

“She warns not only about PTSD episodes but also panic attacks, migraine attacks and the need to take medication,” says the hostess.

“We help a lot of animals, but Banner loves kittens a lot. 2 years ago, I first bottle fed a cat she found in a ditch.

Now he lives with us, but over the years Banner has saved at least ten litters of abandoned kittens. However, she found such a thing for the first time.”

Meet Banner – a husky with a heart of gold.

The rescuer dog was nervous when she heard that something strange was happening in the forest.

The dog led the owner to a secluded place where they stood in a sealed cardboard box.

Inside laid seven abandoned blind kittens, not even a day old.

“Someone hid them in a cardboard box, closed them tightly and left them to die away from people.”

“These people hoped that the kitties would die and no one would find them. It’s a miracle that Banner was able to find out that they were there.

The kittens were very cold and weak, they were quietly waiting for their fate. The babies didn’t even have the strength to squeak … .”

“It’s amazing,” says Whitney. “We will find good owners for the kittens.” Thanks to Banner, these crumbs survived and will be able to find loving owners!”

Husky turned out to be kinder and more humane than the owner of a cat, who left defenseless the kittens to die.

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