On the way, she saw two purebred, barely alive dogs resembling skeletons and did not remain indifferent.

It was in November and Dasha, during a walk, noticed two dogs hanging around near the garbage dump and greedily eating a piece of moldy bread.

They were so emaciated that, literally, they were skin and bones, but all external signs extradited the breed of the English Pointer.
Young and thoroughbred dogs are rarely abandoned, and therefore a couple, and even in such a state, caused extreme surprise.

Dasha has always helped stray animals, and she could not remain indifferent to these dogs either.When she approached, she saw that they had no eyes, both dogs were blind, and the veterinarian later determined that they also did not have webbing on their paws.

Where these dogs came from in the area was never established, but the veterinarian was almost sure that the matter was the breeder’s dishonesty, which allowed the crossing of relatives, and when the puppies were born with defects, he simply threw them out into the street.

Such conditions naturally left their marks, the dogs were exhausted to the extreme.They were separated. One was sent for vaccination, and the other needed to be treated. But, despite the efforts of doctors, unfortunately, a day later the animal was gone.

The second dog stayed with Dasha, who already has a hundred dogs. She named him Scimitar, that is very appropriate, as he belongs to the famous breed of hunters.

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