13 black puppies were born to a Golden Labrador! It turned out to be the fault of the dad

The owner of a golden Labrador named Lucy was very surprised when her dog gave birth to black as coal babies. How can this be?

It turned out that the reason is very commonplace. The father of the puppies turned out to be a neighbor’s Labrador Bastion of black color. It was from him that the color was passed on to the puppies.

This is not the first offspring of Bastion, and his genes always turn out to be stronger.

Now, mom has 13 lovely golden babies. For a young dog, this is surprising, since, during the first birth, usually no more than five to seven puppies are born.

The owner of the dog was thrilled when there were already ten newborns in the process of giving birth. Well, of course, no one expected such an amount.

Now the golden mother with many children will be walking 13 black babies. If she were a person, then she would have to explain to all her acquaintances how she got children of black coloring.

This is really impressive since none of the babies has golden fur. However, the main thing is that the pups are all healthy and active!

We wish them happy childhood and peaceful adulthood!

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