The grown up puppy has become an Internet star: positive photos of a dog nicknamed “Colorful cloud”

This year, puppies with an unusual variegated color are gaining popularity. They even got funny nicknames: “Oreo Cookies”, “Pepper and Salt.”

Baby Chief from the Chow Chow breed attracted great attention. The puppy “Variegated Cloud” has proved that he is not only educated, affectionate and kind but also talented.

This funny dog ​​is still a puppy. He is only 6 months old. But in appearance, the Chef already resembles an adult dog.

The owners adore their pet. Even its dimensions do not bother them. Already from the first weeks of life, the puppy showed determination and leadership qualities.

He always needs to be in the course of all affairs. If someone needs help, the Chief is ready to stretch his furry paw.

His owners made a decision to make a therapeutic dog out of the “Variegated Cloud.”

He provides support to those who experience pain and sadness.

Despite the innate kindness, the Chief is distinguished by severity and discipline. Even when the pet is playing, he closely monitors what is happening around him.

The weight of an adult Chow Chow breed reaches 50 kg. Therefore, the Chief and his owner will not only have the same blue eyes but also have similar body weight.

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