«The recently delivered dog, scared and distressed, pleaded for help: she couldn’t find her puppies anywhere.»

«Lena was walking home after a tough workday, mentally sorting through unresolved tasks. Suddenly, her attention was drawn to a frightened dog, as if searching for something along the roadside, inspecting every bush and peering into every crevice. The animal emitted piercing, pleading sounds.

Deciding to investigate, Lena approached the dog. By its behavior and appearance, it was clear that she had recently given birth. ‘Have you lost your puppies?’ Lena thought, looking at the frightened animal.

The dog seemed to understand her gaze. Lena began to survey the nearby area, and the dog followed closely. After a while, they arrived at a small patch of land where, hidden and quiet in the grass, lay the puppies.

Lena realized that the mother couldn’t find them after some incident—perhaps they were scared off by the noise of cars or something else. The dog looked at Lena imploringly, as if thanking her for the help.

Calling the animal rescue service and explaining the situation, Lena decided to wait with the dog and her puppies until the specialists arrived. When the rescuers arrived and ensured that the dog and puppies were in relatively good health, they took them to transport them to a shelter.

«‘Now, everything will be fine for you,'» Lena whispered, stroking the mother on the head. The dog looked at her with gratitude in her eyes, as if understanding that thanks to this chance encounter, life would be much easier for her and her little ones.

Lena returned home, feeling a bit tired but incredibly happy. Her life had become so much richer in just one evening, all thanks to a random yet meaningful act of kindness.»

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