17-year-old dog seeks forever home after former owners requested she be euthanized

One 17-year-old dog from Fort Worth, Texas, is in a difficult situation after her previous owners surrounded her with euthanasia requests.

Daisy’s rescue, which took her in, declined the euthanasia request.

Saving Hope – rescue believed she still had too much excellent life in her.

While Daisy is lucky, she is now in a difficult situation: she requires a forever home.

“Hello, Daisy!” Daisy is 17 years old and was submitted as a euthanasia request.

But that was denied, and she has demonstrated that she still has some magnificent life remaining in her.

She has been vetted and tested negative for heartworm. She has been taught to use toilet pads.

Daisy enjoys going outside, but only with strict supervision owing to her size and deafness.

Daisy would thrive in a household without little children, but she is also dog and cat friendly.

Senior dogs frequently spend much too much time in shelters and rescues because people prefer younger canines or puppies.

While it’s obvious why many prefer younger pets, the rescue is hoping that a family would step forward and see the value of adopting a senior dog like Daisy.

We’d want to take this opportunity to wish Daisy the best of luck on her trip.

Senior dogs are not often given the opportunity to enjoy their golden years, so we hope this story has a different conclusion.

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