5 reasons not to buy, but to shelter a cat

Do you want to have a charming cat at home? Are you thinking about taking into the house a homeless animal that is not lucky?

Perhaps an adult mongrel pet is not as charming as a beautiful expensive kitten. Perhaps he has chronic diseases, and the character has already developed.

But the advantages, it turns out, are much more than the disadvantages!

5 reasons not to buy, but to shelter a cat

Why is it better to give a chance for a better life to a “homeless cat”?

1. They demand almost nothing from you, but they give you gratitude.

You can’t even imagine how grateful animals can be when they are taken from the street. They know what it is like where no one needs you, so they will give you all their unspent love, saying “thank you” in this way.

2. Adopted cats are usually more separate.

Stray cats get used to being alone, so there is no need to be around them all the time. They will find entertainment while you are at work or get a good night’s sleep while you are not at home.

3. They won’t destroy your home

They don’t have to mark their territory and fight you for every piece of the couch. Usually, cats that were taken from the street do not tear up wallpaper and do not ride curtains, unlike small thoroughbred kittens. They seem to understand everything and do not want to disappoint you.

4. Homeless cats get along with other animals

If you bought a purebred kitten, then you don’t know what character he will have when he grows up. But an adult pet immediately shows what he likes and what not.Usually cats that have lived on the street or in a shelter get along well with other animals, so you can either get another cat or a dog.

5. You are their last chance to become domestic…

Cats rarely find a home. Perhaps if you fell in love with some pet on the street, then you are his last chance to become a pet.

There are hundreds more reasons why it is better to adopt an animal than to buy one. And it doesn’t matter who you decide to make happy: a homeless kitten or an adult cat! The main thing is that there will be one more happy tail in the world!

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