A barking dog guides her owner to a stranded young dolphin who is unable to return to the water.

Dogs are the animals that save the most lives. They are sensitive, smart and quick-thinking.

Our house pets are the real heroes who need our attention and appreciation. Believe it or not, they are ready to give their lives for us.

The hero dog of this story is Leia – a springer spaniel that spotted a porpoise stranded on the shore where she was walking with her owner.

After a moment the dog started to bark and lead her owner near the coast. The man followed Leia to see what was wrong.

This man was walking on the beach near Criccieth, Wales with his 2-year-old dog when the pet started making a fuss. When Rich went after the dog, he noticed a creature similar to a dolphin.

It was a beached creature that Rich thought was a dolphin. Later the marine creature was identified as a baby porpoise.

Rich approached the baby fish and accurately helped it to go back to the sea. At first, the porpoise had problems with overcoming the waves but soon it was safe in the waters.

However, Rich didn’t leave the coast at once. He stayed there with Leia for more than an hour to get sure that the baby porpoise wouldn’t be beached again.

Rich says that his dog received extra treats for her heroism. He mentions that Leia is smarter than most of the dogs.

When the footage appeared on the Internet, it immediately got spread. Many people praised Leia and her owner for the great job they did together.

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