A cat in California was saved by a firefighter, and the animal’s gratitude knew no borders or boundaries.

Wildfires have been raging in California since the summer of 2018. Every day, frightening eerie videos of the unbridled fiery element appear on the network, news feeds are full of messages about the dead and missing, about burned houses.

What is happening is scary, but even in such moments, there is a place for kindness and humanity.

On November 13, firefighter Ryan Coleman posted photos and videos of a rescued cat on his page that are so touching that they can even melt a heart of stone.

A firefighter from California posted a photo and video with a rescued cat.

Here is what he writes:

”The cat is saved. After that, she just rested on my neck and shoulders while I walked. And I didn’t want to just get off. Just look at this cutie!”

Users’ hearts were broken!

”You must take her away if there is no owner. She fell in love with you!”

”Looks like you’ve found a new best friend!”

”So touching! Thanks for what you do! You are a real hero!”

These words are not enough to praise the act of kindness of this man. He is both kind and brave. Thank you, Ryan for being such an inspiration!

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