A cry was heard from the log. Lonely and blind kitten called for his mother, who never came.

A girl named Morgan McKenzie was walking outside her Delaware home when she heard some soft sobs coming from a hole in a log.It turns out that a white-gray kitten was sitting there, which, as it seemed at first sight, was all alone. He was crying, calling for his mother… The girl was afraid to take the baby, because she thought that the cat might return.

But in the evening, Morgan decided to check how the pet feels. He was still alone, so it became clear that the baby needed help!

The girl did not leave the purring girl, who was still barely audible crying. She looked like she was a couple of days old. The eyes of the cat did not have time to open and she was starving of death.

Morgan named the animal Polly. When the girl brought the baby home, the first thing she did was bathe her in the sink. And at that moment, her twelve-year-old dog Paxton was watching the mistress with interest.

The pet fell in love with Polly at first sight and began to look after her. He washed the baby after each feeding, and she really liked the big and affectionate friend.The little orphan did not see how huge her guardian was, but she felt that he was taking care of her.

Five weeks later, Polly opened her eyes. By that point, they were crazy about each other. She also began to take care of the dog, considering him to be something like a brother.For animals, it was completely normal. Perhaps the cat did not even know that she was a cat?

Labrador and Polly became inseparable friends. Kitty is now five months old and Paxton is almost thirteen, but their bond is still very close.The dog is infinitely patient with his girlfriend even when she steals his favorite toys.

We hope that the wonderful friendship of pets will last for many more years! Let there both be healthy and cheerful.

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