A dying bear cub was saved at the cost of the man’s freedom and life. This heroic action is courageous.

Life is very harsh on both people and animals. Natural selection leaves the strongest. It is not advisable to intervene in this move, but …

Corey Hancock, walking in the woods, saw a little bear cub. He lay motionless near the path. Corey hid behind a nearby tree and watched the cub.

It was raining. The animal’s wet body shuddered convulsively – this was the only sign of its life. The man knew that a bear could attack him at any moment because they can smell human scent at a distance of 500 yards.

But he could not leave the small cub – this is a child, although not a human one.

After making sure that there was no bear nearby, he took the bear cub in his arms and ran to the car. On the way, Corey had to stop and give artificial respiration to the baby. The man found the nearest veterinary clinic.

He took the baby to where he received the necessary assistance. The next day, Elkhorn, as the bear was called, was already eating and trying to be naughty.

For this act, Corey Hancock could legally be fined $ 6,000 or even put on guard, but the authorities took into account the circumstances and went to meet our hero without starting a case.

“I am glad that Elkhorn survived and will live somewhere among us,” Corey writes, “and if suddenly I see something like this again, I will do the same. And many of you too, I’m sure.”

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