A farmer discovered brand-new «puppies» in a field, but it soon became clear that they were not canines.

A farmer found newborn «puppies» in a field, after a while it turned out that they were not dogs.

Many people think that the people of the village know all kinds of animals. However, this is almost impossible, because the peasants are mostly very busy with work.

A Chinese man named Simeon had an unusual moment in the field. It all happened when the man decided to take a break from his work. At that time, he found something unusual on the grass.

This man was determined to take care of small animals, regardless of their species. They were newborns whose eyes were still closed. He thought about it and came to the conclusion that they could be big dogs one day.

He made them a small hayloft to make them comfortable. After a few days, when the animals had grown a little, everything was clear. Simeon was very surprised when he realized that they were not dogs, but rabbits.

They were very small and very cute rabbits.

There weren’t many rabbits in this place for a while, because there are hunters there. Yet nature once again did its work and brought cute little rabbits to the old man Simeon.

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