A fearless girl saved the life of a dog drowning in water.The animal had no strength left to fight

Recently, a dog was found on the river, which had already begun to drown. She did not have the strength to escape and she almost drowned in the water.

The flayers tied a heavy load to her and she was already exhausted. But the animal was lucky, the girl passed by and fearlessly rushed into the water for save the dog.

When the girl had already taken it in her arms, she immediately understood why she could not get out of the river herself.The rope was tied to a bag in which a very heavy stone was placed, and if the girl had been even a little late, then everything would have ended terribly, but this pet was born in luck.

First of all, she was taken to the veterinary clinic and there they managed to find out that the dog’s name was Bella.There was little information about the unfortunate owners , except that there were several of them.

The woman began to investigate the case and was shocked. The police discovered that a man and a woman had committed a cruel act and they were arrested.They are now being considered as suspects, however, the investigators are convinced that they are guilty.

The animal is still undergoing treatment and is under the close supervision of veterinarians. And the results are very positive.
Her appetite increased, she got stronger and she already feels well, however, she still has to lie down for a long time to fully recover.

After discharge, she will be found caring owners who will never treat her so cruelly.

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