A girl and her cat discovered an odd kitten and raised it.

Returning home from a walk, a girl named Melissa accidentally saw a little kitten near the sidewalk.

She immediately noticed that he had an unusual color. She carefully approached the baby, so as not to scare him, and took him to her home.

The kitten was very tiny – his eyes did not even open. On the street, he would definitely have died.

The girl with the kitten went to the vet, who showed her how to care for and how to feed him. The baby had to be syringe-fed. The kitten eagerly devoured the food and began to rapidly gain weight. The newborn was named Jenny.

Melissa already had a cat at home that recently has given birth. At first, she wanted to put the stray near her, but she was afraid of the reaction and just left it next to the cat’s bed.

At first, the cat just watched the kitten, and after a while dragged him to her. Maternal instinct worked with a bang and thus Jenny found a family.

The baby could only eat from the syringe, but she actively basked in her mother’s belly along with the others. The other kittens quickly got used to their new brother and made friends with him.

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