A husband sent a photo to his wife asking. «Can I take him home?»

Often, spouses have to persuade their soulmate in something for a long time, wage a whole information war with maneuvers, because opinions do not agree on everything.

But the editors know the exact opposite example and they want to share with you. A man noticed something strange in the parking lot, and a few minutes later his wife received a photo from her smartphone with one question.

And she admits that she simply could not answer otherwise.

The mother cat disappeared in an unknown direction and there was no point in looking for her on a noisy, dirty road. The kitten also looked so bad , so the husband decided to play it safe and directly asked his wife.

He texted her “Can I bring it home?” and she looked at this poor muzzle and realized that she couldn’t answer “No”.

The washed and fed baby turned from unhappy to sleepy and happy.

A visit to the veterinarian showed that this is a cat 4-5 weeks old. She was very lucky not to get seriously injured, so all that remained was to get a course of vaccinations and buy a tray, plus toys.

The new family member was named Aksel, and she quickly became friends with the old cat and dog. Aksel remembers kindness and tries to be cozy, sympathetic and loving!

Always check who could be hiding under the tire! And do not pass by those who need your help!

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