A kind and brave boy rescued a unique kitty and made an adorable friendship with it: they are two of a kind

Usually, when two creatures have much in common they make a unique and friendly relationship together.

For example, when we choose a friend or a spouse like us, who has the same interests we feel better with them.

Once, this 7-year-old youngster from Oklahoma with a unique appearance became the happiest boy in a day.

The boy named Madden was originally born with a cleft lip and with two different eye colors.

Though he had a unique appearance he could not be integrated with his classmates as they laughed at him.

So, this adorable and disappointed youngster preferred to be alone and introverted.

Fortunately, one beautiful day Madden’s mom noticed a post about an orphan cat with a rare appearance.

And, a bright idea came to her, as the cute kitty and her son were “two peas in a pod”.

It was surprising that two of them had the same disorders, yet it made them so cute and special.

So, the next day Madden and his mom set off for bringing the lovely cat to their home.

Luckily, they rescued the cute kitty from the streets giving her a forever home.

However, the cat also did something adorable for the young guy!

The cat was the only one, who could take Madden out of his loneliness and bring him back to a lively and joyful life.

Still now, they are inseparable friends and best companions.

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