A kitty who lost its sight “nestled” her future owner’s arms for the first time they met: this is love

This young man once found July, a blind kitten, and took her to a local shelter.

The little creature was exhausted as well as it was obvious she was disabled.

However, as it was clear later, her disability didn’t bother her at all.

She took care of herself even though she was blind.

Luckily, once a volunteer named Hollie picked up her and took them to his place.

Then he took July to the shelter, where she was preparing for having a forever home.

Though she had a disability she was so playful and energized kitten.

She captured a silent moment and jumped around the property to discover new “playgrounds” for herself.

To find a loving home for the tiny cutie her story appeared on social media.

Luckily, a warmhearted spouse noticed July and without hesitating came to adopt her.

They even didn’t wait until the staff would bring July for a first meeting.

As they thought she deserved the best and warmest home they immediately took her with enormous love.

The touching moment when the tiny cutie jumped into his new owner’s arms cuddling and licking him.

Then, she was silent and motionless for a while.

As if she was grateful for their action, and said: “thank you for appreciating me”.

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