A little stray kitten captivated the girl’s heart when she was on holiday in Greece.

Lydia Ellery from the UK has been dreaming of a vacation for a year. She already imagined walking around the island of Zakynthos, which is located in Greece …

Everything had to go perfectly. The trip promised a cool vacation and a great tan.

At first it was like that. Lydia walked along the beach, went to cafes and explored new places.

However, she couldn’t help but notice that there are an incredible number of stray cats around! The girl was upset at the sight of skinny, flea-like pets who were trying to find a crust of bread in a trash can.

The tourist could not help all the cats, but she decided to feed at least some of them by all means. Then Lydia began to feed one purr.

The girl’s act did not go unnoticed, and soon an unfamiliar woman approached her. She told Lydia that she had recently taken care of a little kitten, but her vacation here was coming to an end.

The woman was worried about how the future fate of the crumbs would turn out. She asked Lydia to feed the baby and pointed out the place where the kitten lives.

The girl agreed to help.

Of course, the girl could not take the purr to the hotel, but she began to feed the baby twice a day. The kitten greedily swallowed pieces of boiled fish, glancing gratefully at Lydia.

Then he began to run up to the girl and ask for affection. This was the beginning of a great and strong friendship …

The kitten turned out to be a girl, so Lydia gave her the nickname Aggie – in honor of Agatha Christie.

Soon, Lydia’s vacation also came to an end. The girl was constantly worried that there were practically no tourists in Greece in winter, and there was no one to feed homeless cats.

Then Lydia firmly decided to take the baby with her to the UK, but it turned out that it was necessary to collect a bunch of documents. She had to seek help from an organization that provides assistance to homeless animals – Zante Strays.

There, the girl was promised that they would find a foster family for the kitten.

Back in the UK, Lydia couldn’t stop thinking about Aggie. And even knowing that the cat was doing well, she could not calm down.

Then the girl began to make a veterinary passport for the baby. And finally, her adorable Aggie came to her house! True, it was necessary not only to make a veterinary passport but also to take care of vaccinations for the pet. The kitten made it to the UK across the sea on a ship.

Now all difficulties are behind! Aggie has been living with Lydia for almost a year and you won’t find a happier cat.

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