A man from Serbia continued the work of his mother’s life and saved more than a thousand stray dogs in three years

Degan’s mother, Svetlana, loved animals most of all in her life. For two decades, mother and son have built several hundred of our smaller brothers, and Svetlana devoted her life to saving them.

But the dream of a woman’s life was realized by her son, and now Degan is the owner of a dog shelter.At first, Sveta and Degan simply fed street dogs in their native village of Kumyk, and the locals helped them, and over time, mother and son became famous.

People helped them some with food, some with money, and so mother and son organized a real campaign to save animals.In 1997 they were able to open their shelter.

Years later, Svetlana passed away, but Degan did not leave this business and continued to help animals and he worked alone, which was quite difficult.

But he was stubborn and he was able to achieve his goal, and the shelter is still functioning. Eight years ago, Degan bought land in the mountains and opened a wolf shelter there.

Wolves are a national Serbian symbol and they suffer greatly due to poaching activities.

It is very difficult to provide such a large number of animals over the years, but the man does not give up and works with donations from animal lovers around the world.

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