A man offered a stray dog shelter, and the animal repaid him, saving his life.

The Brennan couple were returning home from their shopping trip. On the way, a small puppy followed them. He was careful and kept a short distance.

In Ireland, at this time the weather is very cold, and the couple decided to take the doggie with themselves.

Melanie and Pat first took the puppy to the shelter to make sure he didn’t get lost.

After 10 days, no one came for him and the couple decided to keep the baby with them. They came up with a name for him – Jack. Then the couple could not even imagine that the dog would one day save the life of the one who saved him.

Pat is fond of astronomy, so during an evening walk, he often walks with his head raised to the sky. On that day, he did not change his habits and looked at the large moon.

Pat recently had a heart attack, so his movements were slightly impaired. At some point, he accidentally stumbled and fell into a ditch.

The hole was so big that the man could not get out of it on his own. He immediately began to call the rescue service – they went to help him.

Suddenly Pat remembered Jack, who was with him during the walk. He decided that the dog had escaped and hid, but suddenly he heard barking. It turned out that Jack was looking for at least someone who could help his owner.

He stood by the highway and barked at every passing car to get attention.

The young dog was noticed by the police passing by. The officers followed Jack and helped Pat out of the hole. Soon an ambulance arrived.

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