A scenario for a fairy tale: the ideal account of a kitten and a therapy dog becoming buddies

This is such a simple, but beautiful story, like its main characters, that you can’t even believe that everything was not invented somewhere in the Hollywood pavilion. A small white kitten, the embodiment of charm, found a new friend, who became his caretaker.

Kitten Skywalker was thrown into the shelter at the age of about three weeks, thin and unkempt.

But with natural charisma already manifesting, the employee of the institution, Kim Downey, immediately took him to herself. At the new place, Skywalker was waiting for a meeting with the owner of the house, the golden retriever Mojito.

The big dog immediately realized that the baby needed care, and the kitten saw a lost mother in thick wool and a wise look. So they became friends.

There are probably several other factors at play here. Mojito is a therapy dog, he moonlights as visits nursing homes, hospitals, orphanages, etc. Skywalker, as befits a cat, is still an egoist, but he grew up not capricious, but very attached to the dog.

When Skywalker grew up, he had to accept the unpleasant truth – the privileges granted to the kitten ended.

Mojito is still happy with his company, but he has ”patients” to take care of.

Skywalker has to adapt to the busy schedule of the dog.

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