A skinny and sick tiger cub saved from the circus and treated. Now this handsome man is hardly recognized.

When the founder of the wildlife rescue center found the baby tiger cub, the baby was very sick. Aasha was very thin and weighed three times her normal weight at nine months.

Vicki, the director of that same center, was very worried about the animal’s state and did not understand how a nine-month-old cub could be so small and weak.

Among other things, she was infected ringworm and her condition only worsened from poor care. Vikki decided to buy back the cub and by all means get her out. She was transferred to an isolated enclosure.
The whole body of the baby was covered in bald spots left after collapsed wool. Her skin was all dried up, darkened, in some places there were wounds and abrasions. The veterinarian visited her twice a day, giving her medication and treating her skin.

This was less than a month , when the wild cat began to look much better, and two months later he completely normalized his weight and the fur was almost renewed.

And already eight months later, Aasha became just an incredible beauty, a real tigress, and it was already necessary to take her out of isolation and see how she would react to the rest of her fellow tribesmen.

Unfortunately, the question of whether that releasing her to freedom is still being discussed, since she may not survive in the wildlife.

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