A soldier who also lost a limb adopts a dog that was injured in a vehicle accident.

Dogs are so important part of our lives. All of them need our attention and love. It’s so sad that we can’t make them all happy.

However, dogs with disabilities are the ones that need us the most. They always go through difficulties and challenges. So they need to find a special human that will understand them.

A recent story shows that a disabled dog can find its perfect owner. A veteran with an amputated leg adopted a dog that also lost his leg.

Kane was a stray German Shepherd that suffered a horrific car accident. After being taken to a vet clinic, his right leg was amputated.

After the recovery, Kane lived in a shelter. It was still hard for this dog to adapt to the new environment. People who came to adopt dogs never thought of having Kane as a part of their family.

But when Dane Orozco went to the shelter to adopt a dog, everything changed. At the moment the veteran saw Kane, he knew that it is his best friend.

Dane tells that the lost leg doesn’t hinder the dog to enjoy a full life and run without any difficulties. He says that the man that lost his one leg can understand the pet best.

Both Dane and Kane lost their right legs. But it doesn’t prevent them from being happy and share an amazing life together.

Dane says that when his boss saw him always distressed he suggested adopting a dog. Before Dane had dogs, and he thought it would be a good idea.

He was right! Now Dane brings the dog to his workplace and takes care of him when needed.

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