A squirrel established a nest outside the woman’s window and brought her young there.

Squirrels are very shy and nimble animals. Because of this, it is simply impossible to observe them in the wild.

As soon as they see a stranger, they rush into their hollow. The only way to watch the red-haired beauty is to visit a zoo.

But one woman was very lucky. In front of her window, a young mother – a squirrel made her nest. And now she has a unique opportunity to see her and her babies every day.

Their life is very exciting and interesting. You can watch squirrels moves for hours.

And thanks to the fact that this lucky old woman is not greedy, we can also see such a beautiful phenomenon. She made a video about how the mother squirrel and her tiny babies live outside her window.

Of course, spying on someone else’s life is not very polite, but when you have such adorable neighbors, it’s hard to resist!

Just look how adorable they are! How touching the squirrel buries itself in the fluff and falls asleep serenely. And how cute the squirrel looks, which snuggles up to her and sleeps.

Next to his mother, he is not afraid of anything! Squirrels seem to be restless mischievous creatures, but in this video, the animals are revealed from the other side.

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