A tabby cat became a devoted parent and closest buddy in order to save two cat-babies.

A girl named Midori has already saved four cats by taking them literally from under the syringe! Midori does not stop doing this, now not for herself, but for other people, finding pets for them in the saddest places.

Recently, Mid saw information about two-week-old kittens, whom someone found on the street and handed over to the tomb. After waiting for her son to return from school, she went to the address, trying to be on time. And she did it!

On the way back in her car there was a box with two lumps, 120 grams each. They were handed over to the shelter – in a sheet, without a heating pad or a bottle, and it seems that no one bothered to feed them for several days.

Midori named the rescued children Koi and Haku. At home, she treated their eyes for infection and took care of arranging the kittens in the house – and her husband supported her in everything, saying: “Now they are our children!”

The man began to feed the crumbs from a bottle and then tried to put the kids in his adult cat named Wang.

This is surprising, but the cat did not reject the kittens, but took on the role of a mother! Looking at how he licks Koi and Haku, you would see in front of you not a male, but a loving mother cat who will not let her own cubs offend.

The kittens adore their dad Van, imitate him in everything and follow him around the house, wherever he goes.

Daddy hugs his beloved babies and always sleeps with them on the couch!

And the boy Koi has a special habit – he often sleeps hanging on Van’s tail.

And if Wang moves his tail, then Koi rolls around on the sofa after him.

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