A week without food and water: the story of the survivor cat who finally got lucky

A cat named Marilyn once lived a happy life. She had a house, family. She won at various exhibitions, but no one could even imagine that her life would change for the worse.

At that time the cat was 10 years old. But this cat was out of luck. Suddenly, his owner ended up in the hospital, and Marilyn himself was left alone.

Behind the closed door of the apartment, water and food soon ran out and he had to gnaw on even inedible. The poor thing just didn’t know how to get out of this desperate situation.

Fortunately, he got lucky. Soon the cat was taken out from the apartment by the workers of a shelter. He was all exhausted and the body was weakened. After examination, he was diagnosed with sick kidneys, eye trauma and heart pathology.

The doctors had only one goal to maximize the life of the cat. Soon a woman became interested in him and was touched by his appearance and condition.

According to the new owner, the cat looked so unhappy that after she saw him, she decided to make him happy. He deserved it!

The owner still had two cats with whom Marilyn at first didn’t find a common language, but gradually he became friendly and began to play with other cats.

Now the cat is happy to know he has a house, a caring owner and friends!

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