A woman kisses her sleepy cat. The reaction of the fluffy animal is simply adorable

Surely everyone who has a cat at home knows this burning, irresistible desire to take and cuddle, torture (of course, not in the literal sense!) their pet. They are so cute, soft, fluffy and funny, you just want to shake them!

However, in such cases, we rarely ask the opinion of the pet itself. And here’s the catch: most of the time, our pussies are absolutely not thrilled with excessive and unexpected attention.

It is not difficult to understand them: some abstract, fat and important cat has just eaten and is now in anticipation of a siesta. As soon as it is settled down comfortably and dozed off, this two-legged one suddenly flies up, grabs unceremoniously and begins to squeeze!

Yes, here anyone gets mad! True, people still don’t care, because they love their pets very much and sometimes you want to cuddle them so much!

It should be noted that there are sometimes exceptions. Just look at the hero of this video! This white handsome man clearly loves his owner no less than she loves him. Just look how the cat reacts to a kiss from her mom!

It can be seen that the cat is immensely happy to be next to his owner, he purrs with pleasure and enjoys every second of being next to her! While the girl kisses the cat, he meows. He must be saying in some cat language that he loves her too!

It’s incredibly cute! And how do your cats react to such caresses?

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