A woman notices someone strange sitting on top of her neighbor’s car.

It’s no secret that coyotes are among the most adaptable animals on the planet, able to thrive in environments despite the presence of humans, houses, roads and cars.

But this particular coyote appears to have taken things to the next level — using the latter to his advantage.

The other day, Jill Rogers was driving through her Phoenix, Arizona, neighborhood when she noticed an unusual sight.

“When I turned the corner and saw him, I’m like, ‘What the heck is that on the car?’” Rogers wrote online. A closer look revealed the truth.

Turns out, calmly perched atop a parked vehicle in front of Rogers was a coyote. Evidently, he’d chosen the spot as high ground from which he’d have a better view. “Maybe looking for a roadrunner, beep beep,” Rogers wrote.

Aside from giving Rogers a quick glance as she approached, the coyote was as chill as could be.

It’s unclear if the coyote was keeping his eye out for a meal, or merely scouting the surroundings to make his next move, but Rogers decided to play it safe.

“I alerted my neighborhood immediately when I saw this for people to secure their pets,” she wrote.

Whatever the case may be, the sighting comes as a notable reminder that humans and wildlife often share the same space — and that coexisting peacefully can sometimes require certain concessions. Or, as one commenter on Rogers’ post put it:

“Imagine calling in to work because a coyote stole your car.”

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