A woman saved the life of an abandoned puppy and his reaction touches your heart.

There are no more grateful creatures than dogs who will never forget the good that people did to them and remain faithful to their saviors until the end of their lives.This puppy is no exception and he thanks the woman who saved him in a very touching way.

This scene was filmed on camera and it’s hard to hold back tears at the sight of it. On the way home, the woman noticed several abandoned dogs at once, and the heat that day was unbearable.

He was left without food and even water in such heat was not considered necessary to pour, the cruelty of people simply knows no bounds, and this case is just one of those.

But our heroine did not remain indifferent and, without hesitation, went to save the animals and the grace of one puppy made her cry.When she drove him home by car, Rover behaved incredibly touchingly.

When she caressed him, he began to lick her hands and looked at her with a look full of love and gratitude, and it was simply invaluable, because the emotions of a small and defenseless creature with a pure soul meant more and more than any words.

Footage from the scene was posted on social networks and instantly went viral, bringing tears to the eyes of users. We do not know the continuation of the story, but we hope that the puppy and his savior did not part again.

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