A young man made the decision to record his cat’s nighttime antics in order to learn how the animal treats him.

A guy from Thailand is used to sharing funny pictures of his cat with his followers.

In pictures, the good fourfold friend seemed bonded with his owner, so the guy decided to find out if his pet has such warm feelings for him at night too.

The young person was struck by the thought of whether the pet had the same warm feelings at night, as during the day.

He became interested in what his favorite was doing in the dark. The young man decided to install a hidden camera, which is capable of shooting in the dark.

The guy couldn’t wait to see what he was doing when he was sleeping.

The furry friend loves his human too much. He does not even think to part with him. When the guy sleeps, he hugs his person tightly.

He does not just lie next to him, he presses against his owner’s face. No matter how the owner turns, the pet is always there. The cat adjusts to any position of the guy.

The four-legged friend has especially warm feelings for the face. However, the records received did not come as a surprise to the young man.

The cat treats the owner in the same way during the day. With love, care, showing increased attention.

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